You’ve Changed Man, What Happened?

Remember in your early 20’s when you seemed to spend all your time in bars? (No? Just us?) Well, eventually you get out of that phase. You mature. You expand your horizons. That’s exactly what TapTime TV has done. We’ve grown up. 

For #TransformationTuesday, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how we’ve changed over the past two years.

Old Homepage

We Got a New Look – We Think it Suits Us Better

We ditched our jeans and t-shirt.

You may have noticed our site looks a little bit different. It’s cleaner, better speaks to who we are, and opens up better lines of communication with our customers. The site we started with no longer captured what TapTime TV has become. That’s because:


TapTime Doesn’t Just Hang Out in Bars Anymore

Sometimes, there are better places to meet people.

TapTime TV’s screens used to be exclusive to bars and restaurants around the area, and our old website reflected that. Don’t get us wrong, we still have our network set up in these places (and continue to install in new ones) but we’ve branched out. Over the past two years, you may have noticed us popping up in doctors offices, barber shops, ice cream parlors,  and pretty much anywhere else with foot traffic.

We’ve noticed that customers are seriously engaged with our screens in a variety of different settings, so we’re trying to expand our reach to even more different types of businesses as we continue to grow.

Our Screens Got a “Haircut”


Yes, we’re still sticking with the ‘growing up and changing’ analogy. We didn’t say we got funnier, just more mature.

While the ads and content on our TV screens were eye-catching before, they could have been better. We’ve completely updated our TV layout to better utilize how customers process and analyze information. Instead of just one static ad after another, we’ve mixed in multiple widgets and elements on the screen to ensure a customer will always find something relevant to them. In addition, most of our ads now include motion to elevate customer engagement.



We Use Technology to Communicate More Effectively

Our face is still buried in our phone, But, it’s because we’re working with you. (Okay, sometimes we’re also just on Instagram.)

Our new website allows us to communicate with current / potential clients more efficiently. For TapPartners, we’ve made it easier than ever for business owners to sign up / renew their advertising subscription. Potential TapSponsors can now submit a request to see if they qualify to host screens. Before, the process was a little bit more drawn out and had unnecessary steps. Now, we can receive and implement your request almost instantly – even from our iPhones.


We Want to Thank You for Helping Us Grow

Seriously, we couldn’t have changed as much as we have as a company without the community around us. To everyone who has worked with us, encouraged us, and even to those who have just glanced at one of our screens, thank you.

As a small business ourselves, we want to continue to provide an effective and affordable platform for local establishments to get their name out there. We look forward to continuing to innovate, and we’re excited about what the next two years have in store.


About TapTime TV

The saying “money that is spent locally, stays local” isn’t just a saying. It’s the truth. As a small local business ourselves, we wanted to create a platform where our neighbors could all benefit from each other. We believe that when communities work together, we make the place we live better. Join us: Become a TV Host Location or Advertise on our Network