Frequently Asked Questions
About TapTime TV

TapPartner FAQs

What will TapTime really cost me? Are there any additional costs after setup? Any monthly fees?

You’re not going to pay a cent to us. This is a partnership and we will take care of the screens, the installation, the design and the management. Just stay current with your internet service provider and you’re good to go.


Do I need wifi in order to install Taptimetv?

Yes. Our network needs Wi-Fi to run the latest content, ads and promotions.


How do I submit requests for new promotions to be added to my screens?

Just shoot us an email and we’ll get it changed out for you. We are working on online submission forms and other alternative ways as well.


Will I need to hire a graphic designer to create content for the screens?

Nope! We take care of all the design for your TapTime screens.


Will my competitors be able to advertise in my location?

No way! We like you. We wouldn’t do that to you.


How does Taptimetv make money?

It’s just like any TV channel, except we’re not furthering a Kardashian’s “career.” We simply offer affordable ad space to local businesses.

TapSponsor FAQs

How often can we change our advertisement?

Every month if you are in the maximum exposure package or once a quarter if you are in the minimum exposure package.


I have a friend that wants to advertise their business, is there any type of referral program?

Yes. Yes. Yes. If you refer your friend and they sign up, we give you a FREE MONTH of advertising at one location. Send all of your friends to us please!


We already have an ad designed that we would like to use, can we avoid the setup fee and use that ad?

All of our ads are optimized to fit on TapTime TV screens. If you already have an ad that is visually appealing and fits the 1920 x 1080 parameters, then sure! But we’d really recommend utilizing our talented graphic designers to get the most out of your ad spot.


Do you have special rates for non profits?

We do! Reach out to us and we can discuss your advertisement and our rates.


Can I advertise my local event on your screens?

Absolutely! We love having local events on our screens. Similar to non profits, we have special rates and packages for events. Reach out and lets get started!

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  • “Tap Time has been great with helping us get our messages out in places where it is a little harder to reach the audience.  Dustin and his team do a great job with the creative and updating our videos whenever needed.  We are very excited about the things they have done so far and look forward to seeing what’s next for them!”

    Shamika Page,
    Miller's Apple Valley Chevrolet & Toyota
  • “Taptimetv has been great to work with, period. Everything from beginning to final product! Dustin takes great care in making sure you have the ad that suits you. The ad designs are eye catching and presents my business in a professional, welcoming manor. If you are looking for a company to advertise with, look no further than Taptimetv!”

    G.W. Ringer,
    GreenWorks Landscaping