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How (and Why) It Works

These days it feels like TVs are just big boxes that are only good for using Netflix.
TapTime changes that. We use the TVs inside of often-visited local establishments to
grab customers attention, promote internally, and give other locally owned
businesses screen time.

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We Entertain

This is why customers pay attention. You’ve got to give them a reason
to look at the screens in the first place. So, TapTime TV uses jokes,
sports, trivia, memes, and other original content to capture the audience.

  • cafe del sol tv with host
  • bennys tv with trivia
  • debbies tv with host
  • everything cheesecake tv with ad
  • bobs tv with host
  • WarmSprings4
  • bennys tv with ad
  • Bulls and Bears Crab Cake TV
  • NP2

We Promote Internally

Our TapPartners love to host TapTime TVs in their establishment (and not just because it’s free!) We make it easy for them to display specials, sales, events, new releases, and whatever else they want to highlight to customers.

Get a TapTime TV in Your Business

We Advertise Locally

For local businesses, it’s all about brand awareness. Get your name out there and increase your bottom line by advertising more efficiently. Our network is seen by customers that live, work and shop in your area.

Get a TapTime TV in Your Business

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  • 28South
  • BullsAndBears
  • CafeDelSol
  • DailyGrind
  • EverythingCheesecake
  • FourCornersPub
  • NorthSidePizza
  • Sissys
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  • WarmSpringsEatery
  • Webers


  • “Tap Time has been great with helping us get our messages out in places where it is a little harder to reach the audience.  Dustin and his team do a great job with the creative and updating our videos whenever needed.  We are very excited about the things they have done so far and look forward to seeing what’s next for them!”

    Shamika Page,
    Miller's Apple Valley Chevrolet & Toyota
  • “Taptimetv has been great to work with, period. Everything from beginning to final product! Dustin takes great care in making sure you have the ad that suits you. The ad designs are eye catching and presents my business in a professional, welcoming manor. If you are looking for a company to advertise with, look no further than Taptimetv!”

    G.W. Ringer,
    GreenWorks Landscaping