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Look, we understand.

Marketing is about as fun as watching RGIII in the playoffs.

What's the Solution?


Enter TapTime TV

TapTime TV is a fully customizable entertainment channel that lifts the weight of internal marketing for restaurants and external marketing for local businesses.

Who Do We Serve?


Who We Serve

This entire setup is mutually beneficial. Promotions need promoting, businesses need exposure and customers need a reason to take their eyes off of their phones for a few seconds.

Here’s how everyone wins with TapTime:

* If the restaurant provides TVs for use by TapTime TV.

Let Us Explain

What’s On Tap?

When the game is on, everyone is focused on the TVs. But, what happens during commercials? What happens when no game is scheduled? They stop paying attention – You might as well switch to C-Span. It’s time for bar TVs to keep customers engaged and increase everyone’s bottom line.

Tell Me More!


We Entertain

TapTime produces original content that your customers care about:

Local Content

Keep up with upcoming events, find out about important announcements, or read birthday/anniversary shout-outs.


‘Name That Movie,’ then guess how many championships Tom Brady has legitimately won. (Zero)

Full Disclosure

We Sell Second

Internal Promotions

Are your TVs making you money? It’s time to start. TapTime allows you to show content for your drink & food specials and highlight some of your most profitable items. We’ll also install a “TapSpecials” board, a TV that’s only purpose is to display your promotions.

Here’s the cool part—You can push REAL-TIME offers. This means you can create a sense of urgency and really drive sales. Does happy hour end in 10 minutes? Are top-shelf cocktails $5 for the next half hour? TapTime lets them know.

Learn More About Becoming a TapPartner

External Promotions

Local businesses are the lifeblood of the community and TapTime is proud to offer the opportunity to gain exposure in high-traffic areas. Push customers to your website, social media pages or just have them give you a call.

You’ve worked hard to build your brand – your TapTime ad needs to match that. We professionally design all TapTime Sponsors ads.

Learn more about becoming a TapSponsor